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About Me

E.M Dunst's Biography

Author EM Dunst standing. Author in front of an image  indicating her love of travel.

  From the deepest corner of my imagination, a story was trying to surface.  I have been writing poetry since I was about fourteen years old.  In my 20s, I entered a poem contest twice and had my poems picked for being published.  When I was almost 50 years old, I decided to try my hand writing a story. 

  Having children at an early age, I tried to keep jobs that let me either take my daughters to school in the morning or tuck them in at night.  I've held jobs that varied from retail to office and bartender to front desk at a hotel.  Now that my children are older.  I am forced to focus on me.  

  My daughters and I moved from a conservative city in Michigan to tourist central Orlando surrounded by parks created by some great creative minds.  My goal is to write to put the readers on an emotional roller coaster.  There is nothing better than sitting in a cafe with a beautiful view to visit dark corners in my mind.

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