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Poetry Books

A library full of books. A new book slowly being written with pages flowing like a river. A story of poetry pacefully flowing together.
A woman in contemplation. A woman struggling to come up with new creative ideas. She is very pensive and mentally congested causing creativity blockage.
A woman unzipping her purple dress. In doing so she is revealing the title Exposed.

1 / Just Let It Flow

You write down your thoughts thinking know one will see. While writing down what I felt, I saw it was helping me. Hoping my words may reach help someone else. Poetry was my way of letting it all out.

2 / Creative Congestion

Life through love and everything in between. Poetry from 30 years for every mood. Words from my head and heart written on paper. Poems for all types of flavors. 

3 / Exposed

Words from the heart are the hardest to let out. Words from the mind can freely be written down. Poetry was my way of relieving them both from the cluttered words trapped inside. 

A music staff being smashed by a hammer. Music notes disperse in the air.


Thoughts are words that can turn into pictures. Sometimes poems are more like songs that make you want to sing along. Find your own tune and dance to your own beat. Let the song you create move your feet.

4 / Hit A Chord

Fiction Books

1 / Woven

"Lifing" or "Stranding"- the ability to weave a human hair in a tapestry to change the owner of the hair's life to the better or worse.

If you had the ability of living or stranding, would you use it for better or abuse it?  Or would you avoid using out of fear?

Will the tapestry Na-Ye creates be stitched with juvenile jealousy towards Jin-Un snag her decisions or will she choose to re-weave a friendship with stronger threads.

2/ Behind the Eyes

When a psychopath skilled in hypnosis attacks women causing many to live in fear and confusion is plaguing the city, Detective Akio Izumi and Doctor Daisuke Sanada become partners by circumstance. To catch a monster, they have to look through the eyes of the monster without getting trapped in the shadows behind their own eyes.

3/ Threads

Now that Jin-Un and Na-ye found away to live with their skill in lifing peacefully, the next generation begin to discover the skill.  The threads that join the family tapestry start to unravel as secrets become known. What would you do if this life changing hidden skill was revealed to you?  Would you accept the threads of the past or rip the threads of the future? 

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