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  • Eileen Dunst

Comes from the Heart

Updated: Jun 9

Before writing books, I was writing poetry. I started with the poetry when I was about 14 years old. I haven’t stopped either. Good times, bad times, and anytime something popped in my head. I try to always have paper and a pencil with me. I used to keep them all in a binder. I never planned on sharing my poems. They were personal- my life on paper. I let a couple of close friends read a few of them and they liked them. I still felt uncomfortable, but I decided to put all of them in book. One of the friends told me that the poems may help others. Keeping that in mind, I put all my poems that I wrote through the years into four books on Amazon, even though I still feel unsure about it. If my poems help even one person, then my releasing the poetry books was worth it.

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