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  • Eileen Dunst

Life Changing

A few years before turning 50 and my children already grown up, I had a story in my head that I had to write down. I didn’t have anyone to read it, so I asked my parents. My parents are the type to tell it to you straight if they didn’t like something. They always had my back when I wanted to sing, but this was different to me. Both my parents told me to keep writing.

I have low self-esteem but hearing them say that gave me the confidence to put it on Amazon. Before I finished the first book, I already had a second book in my head. I started to write it immediately after finishing the first. I started writing down all the different ideas that popped in my head and buying journals for each one. I say I do it the long way- write it in a journal and then type it out. I use this technique to change part’s I don’t like as I type it. I, also, use it as my first round of editing. I have others edit it and then I reread it to see if I still like flow of it.

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