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Live Life

Updated: Jun 9

When we all were young, we had adventures that fit us.  It could be traveling, riding intense rides, or something small like seeing a movie by yourself or hanging out with friends.  We all have our own idea of thrills and excitement.  As we get older our concept changes.  Things we thought were a thrill in a lifetime may seem too dangerous to us now or we could think ourselves as boring.


            I did something the other day that I haven’t done for quite a while.  I went to a big stadium concert.  The thrill of being there and seduced by the music was something I have forgotten.  The adrenaline of the crowd was massive.  I started dancing and singing out loud just like I did back in high school.  But now I have become such a homebody.  I find reasons to cancel or say no to any outing I am invited on.  There are times that I couldn’t think of a reason, they saw through my excuse, or they would manipulate the conversation so I would end up agreeing to go out.  It’s sad because I used to go out with friends all the time when I was younger.


            Throughout the years I have been to several different levels of different sports events in person- basketball, baseball, football, and hockey.  Watching them on television was never the same.  Being there in the stands or stadium, you are compelled to cheer.  Most of the time I didn’t have a team to cheer for, but I picked a random side to route for… and was one of the loudest.  The exhilaration surrounding me pulled me in and wanted to be part of it.  I would randomly go to a game either through work or a friend.  My favorite memory is going to see the Milwaukee Brewer baseball games with my grandmother when I was a child.  Despite the fact I have grown up going to games, each time I was invited to go I forgot how much fun it was the previous time.  If it was a group or just one other person, I never regretted being talked into it.


            Remembering the things I did when I was younger after that concert, a fire was lit in me to accomplish all I want to do.  We all go through times that we give up on things we like to do or want to do.  A lot of the time, we do not have a reason that can actually be considered good.  I don’t want to make up lame excuses to hide behind anymore.  I have decided it is time to go forward in my life full force and find a way to do the things I dream of.


            There is always the question of how and when.  Most of us like to plan things out before we execute the goal or dream.  Yet, I have a hard time planning.  Every time I plan, something always gets in the way and my plan falls apart.  It always depresses me and takes away the hope I had built up to achieve what I was aiming for.  One day I hope just to go for it.


            Goals and dreams are not meant to stress us or depresses us.  They should be used as a source of hope or drive.  I personally get inspired when I see or hear about someone succeeding their goal or dream.  It took me being pulled out to a concert to remind me to live life and not just watch it.  It’s time to not only feel free to dream, but to work on getting these dreams to come true. Watching someone who has been performing for years putting on such a great, energetic show was inspirational.  If you like the music or not, Pink is a concert worth seeing.


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