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  • Eileen Dunst

Self-Afflicted Writer’s Block

I am putting myself through the worst thing a writer could do to themselves- self-afflicted writer’s block.  The desire is there, the ideas are there, but I am overthinking everything and I end up writing nothing.  I am criticizing my every thought, feeling, and even the things I do lately.  They say we are our own worst critic.  Is there a way to fire this critic in my head and hire a new one?


                  I guess the stress of everyday life is getting to me and the feeling I am going no where doesn’t help.  But shouldn’t I use that as fuel to the fire to work harder?  I know it’s my own fault for getting in my own way of the pen writing everything I want to say.   For some reason the whole please everyone has got stuck in my head.  (Probably because of my day job).  But the state of mind I should have is that I only have to be happy with what I write and create.  Anyone else liking it is a bonus. 


                  I am finding myself getting sidetracked or making myself distracted with other things to do other than write.  I honestly never questioned if I wanted to keep writing though.  It’s my love and passion.  I would enjoy just sitting with a pretty view, a pencil (with an eraser) and paper all day long.  I know it’s me in my head putting up the walls so the thoughts can’t completely come through.  I know it’s me making the disconnect from my brain to the pen. 


                  Hopefully, I broke some of those walls while writing this.  I miss the ideas freely swirling through my head.  I miss the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day to write everything I feel needs to be said.  I miss writing a book and then getting excited near the end.  I miss the me that got trapped behind the walls.  I pray it won’t take me long to make them all fall.

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