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  • Eileen Dunst

The Best Holiday Season Yet

Now that the holiday season is done.  I can honestly look back at it and say it was one of the best I have had in a while.  Despite it being the hectic season at work, I was able to go home and enjoy the holiday after the workday was done.  Since my family moved to Florida, we haven’t spent the holidays together. One or three of us always had to work opposite schedules and the holiday greeting was a wave and yelling out “Merry Christmas. Have a good day.”


                  This year, all three of us got to see the family for Thanksgiving instead of sending the family representative.  On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the two of us who had to work had morning shifts.  In the late afternoon, the family of three and one additional guest celebrated Christmas with a meal and games.  On New Year’s Eve, the three of us started to celebrate around the same time as Christmas but ended early because one of us had to work early the next day.


                  To me, the best holidays are not the gifts or the food, it’s my family.  I see the same people every day, but we are always busy with projects and work.  On the holidays, we close our minds to work and focus on fun.  We pull out a board game (usually a new one purchased for the holiday) and play it while snacking until we all get tired of playing.  We always have Christmas show or music playing in the background. 


                  I have to admit this was one of the best holiday seasons at work too.  Guests were wishing me “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” before I could even open my mouth.  Last year, it didn’t feel like a holiday.  But this year… it was different even though I worked the same hospitality position as last year.  Those greetings were not just words being spoken to be polite.  They were a wish we sent to each other.

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