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  • Eileen Dunst

Through the Clouds

Updated: Jun 9

Good things happen out of bad situations.  When bad things happen in our lives, they seem so overwhelming.  We get caught up in the dark clouds surrounding us.  We forget that the sun is shining on the other side of those clouds.  I am no different than anyone else.  You may think me strange, but what I consider my sunshine through the clouds, others may see as negative- my bad relationships and failed marriage.  It all depends on what happens at what time in a person’s life.  In my life, out of my worst situations I not only see the sun behind the clouds, I saw a rainbow.


From the nightmare end of three relationships, I had my children.  No matter how much each of them were in my life, each one was a hero to me in their own way.  From my failed marriage, I realized how much I lost myself and started trying to find me again.  Even after the not so dramatic relationship endings, I would find a way to improve myself.  If it was my getting a college diploma or buying something expensive I needed for my home, I made sure the ex-boyfriend saw it or found out somehow.  To me this was getting revenge for them letting me go.  In reality, I was just proving myself to me.


We all meet new people almost daily.  Some are the right people and some are the wrong people at the wrong time.  I made it a habit to meet the wrong person all the time. It was so bad when it came to guys, my daughters told me I can’t date anyone until they meet the guy.  Some say they have no choice in the matter. Me?  I understand why.  But that is a whole different story.


Just keep in mind that behind the clouds that life may bring you no matter how dark they are, the sun is waiting to appear and melt the fear, anger, and sadness away.  Hold on to that sun with your whole heart and soul.  It may help you burn away the next set of clouds faster and happiness won’t be so far away.

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