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Writer's Paradise

Updated: Jun 9

Some hidden treasures are coffee shops. I find them to be the best places for me to write…especially if they have a pretty view. One of the first places I discovered I loved writing at was the Starbuck’s in the West Side area in Disney Springs in Orlando Florida. Every week I had to go to work about three hours early so my oldest could go to her second job. The inside was too loud because they were always busy, so I would always sit outside no matter the weather was. The set up was so relaxing- the pretty view of a lake and the covered patio with the fireplace for the cold days. I could look out at the lake and get my thoughts together. With my journal and pencil at hand, I was ready to work on a story, write a poem, or even come up with an idea for a drawing. I don’t work in Disney Springs anymore. Now I am on the hunt for a new great coffee shop to write at.

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